News and Updates

    May 2012

  • Production wraps on MDIA419 student film “Here Lies Luther”
  • Collaboration with Sway the Crowd to produce commercial for local bar “Broney’s”.
  • Collaboration with Sway the Crowd to provide live event coverage at the 2012 Nelsonville Music Fest.
  • Acted as DP on independent short film “Something’s Wrong with Mr. Henry”.
    April 2012

  • Collaboration with Sway the Crowd to provide event coverage for shale energy conference in Cambridge, Ohio.
  • Collaboration with Sway the Crowd and the Athens News, covering Athens fest season, including viral Palmerfest videos.
    March 2012

  • Provided multicam coverage and edit of “Servant of Two Masters” for OU Theater MFA student.
  • Pre-production begins for the 2012 Alive Festival.
  • Collaboration with Sway the Crowd to create a promo video for a regional DJ company.
  • Collaboration with Sway the Crowd to produce a multicam lecture presentation in Toledo, Ohio.
    February 2012

  • Worked with Sway the Crowd to shoot and edit an entry for the 10th Annual Ohio University 48 Hour Shootout. The film received high audience acclaim.
  • Collaboration with Sway the Crowd and The Athens NEWS produced weekend segments on Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend in southeast Ohio and a profile on international students at OU.
  • Collaboration with Sway the Crowd and the Voinovich School of Leadership at OU to produce a highlight of the Ohio University Idea Factory presentation.
    January 2012

  • 60 second promotional piece completed for the Alive Festival. Aired at WinterJam concerts in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.
  • NS founder Ryan Nord accepts an internship with Ohio University Communications and Marketing as a multimedia production intern.
    December 2011

  • Short film “Recognition” with Rivalry Media is conceptualized and shot. Editing in progress.
  • Equipment inventory increased through local Audio-Technica warehouse sale.
    November 2011

  • “The Nameless Cryst” is premiered, albeit uncompleted, in Athens and Petersberg, WV.
  • Production completed on promotional video for Personnel Plus.
    October 2011

  • Work with Sway the Crowd LLC continues. Production picks up on promotional piece for non-profit Personnel Plus. Partnership entered into with The Athens News. Coverage of Athens’ Halloween block party is a hit.
    September 2011

  • Post production rotoscoping, animation, and motion tracking continues on independent feature “The Nameless Cryst”.
  • “Fatal Retreat” short film completed and entered into WBGU’s “Cinema U” for broadcast and competition.
    August 2011

  • The graphics package for “The Bobcat Sports Showcase” was completed.
  • We completed a wedding shot in Canton. The ceremony included five angles, and the final DVD came with three montages.
  • Production completed on short film “Fatal Retreat”. Created with Rivalry Media Group. Editing in process.
  • Alive Festival documentary/promo completed.
  • Stewardship video created for St. Hilary in Fairlawn.
    July 2011

  • We completed wedding coverage in Cleveland. The finished product included ceremony and reception multicam edits and highlights.
  • The graphics package for “Gridiron Glory” was completed.
  • Visual effects, 3D animation, and compositing are ongoing for “The Nameless Cryst”, a feature-length independent science fiction film created in Athens, Ohio.
  • A thirty minute promotional documentary on the Alive Festival is in the editing process
    June 2011

  • Our coverage of the Alive Festival was completed onsite, with amazing coverage and promotional opportunities with national artists.
  • We have contracted with WOUB to create graphics packages for two upcoming shows. “The Bobcat Sports Showcase” is a new Ohio University sports show replacing “Bobcat Blitz”, and will air locally and on Fox Sports Ohio. “Gridiron Glory” is WOUB’s Emmy-nominated show, which is moving to a widescreen format this fall.
    May 2011

  • The JC Penney commercial has won districts, and is on the way to San Diego to compete nationally.
  • We finished production of a behind-the-scenes featurette for AVW Production’s “Camelittle” under Sway the Crowd.
  • With Sway the Crowd, we have begun shooting an informational segment about the Vietnam riots at Ohio University. The finished edit will air on the local cable channel.
    April 2011

  • We are working with Sway the Crowd and Ohio University’s Ad Club to create a JC Penney commerical.
  • Production of all interior warehouse scenes has been completed for “The Nameless Cryst”.
    March 2011

  • We provided coverage for a wedding at St. Bernard’s in Akron.
  • We worked with St. Vincent-St. Mary High School to create an event video to culminate their annual 7th Grade Visitation Day.
  • We have begun work on a multicam capstone project for a dance student.
  • Production continues on “The Nameless Cryst.”
    Febuary 2011

  • Our entry into the 2011 Ohio University 48 Hour Shootout, “Physical Therapy”, won 2nd Place! We are excited to see where it goes in the future. We shot and helped edit the 5 minute short.
  • We partnered with Sway the Crowd, OU’s client-based production group to shoot a commercial for a local bakery.
    January 2011

  • “Lies and Deceit” (2010), the short that we shot and edited, is making its debut on WBGU, Northwest Ohio’s PBS station. View the promo here.
  • The ALIVE11 promo that we edited and shot is now online!
  • We just invested in a second camera…the Panasonic GH1, a DSLR that offers 1080P with beautiful filmlike depth of field.
    December 2010

  • We’re finishing up our second wedding video…check out the highlights!
  • NS is working with FlourishAce to create promotional videos for their card tricks and business.
    November 2010

  • We are covering a wedding in December with 3 HD cameras. Look for footage around Christmas!
    October 2010

    Production has started on The Nameless Cryst, an independent feature film being shot in Athens, Ohio with the Panasonic HMC150, GH13, and the Canon 5DMkII and T2i. NS is acting as the director of photography and VFX department head.

  • Holy Family and St. Francis Xavier stewardship videos have been completed.
    September 2010

  • The Vanguard, a music video shot and edited by NS, has been accepted by JCTV for national broadcast on its Exit 16 program.
  • The Ohio University Alumni Association is working with NS to produce a video commemorating the official graduation of the Class of 1970 – who were unable to graduate properly as a result of the Kent State shootings.
    August 2010

  • Holy Family Parish in Stow has contacted NS to create a stewardship video this month.
  • BoTT Records has contracted with NS to create a music video for one of its bands.
  • NS is preparing to work on a short in August entitled “Lies and Deceit”. Look for more on this film in the upcoming weeks!
  • We are providing videography services to St. Francis-Xavier once again this year as we work to create another annual stewardship promotional video.
    July 2010

  • We now offer full 1080 HD video services with our new Panasonic AG-HMC150 camera. It shoots beautiful 60P video to SDHC cards at a quality greater than the HDV cameras we used to use!
    June 2010

  • Neighborhood Studios will be at ALIVE10 next week, working to provide event videography and coverage!
    May 2010

  • Ryan Nord is working as a package editor and floor director for WOUB-TV’s live coverage as the 2010 Student Expo.
    April 2010

  • NS owner Ryan Nord is now employed with WOUB-TV as a student engineer, responsible for the upkeep of 2 DTV stations, 5 FM stations, and 1 AM station.
    Febuary 2010

  • First Christian Church in Canton, OH has hired NS to create a video to commemorate the retirement of their pastor.
    January 2010

  • NS is participating in the Ohio University 48 Hour Shootout as a VFX artist and compositor.
  • A promo for Athens, OH based AVW Productions is being worked on by NS, acting as Director of Photography.
  • NS is designing and creating promo videos and DVD authoring for the ALIVE Fest. Promotional material will be burned to hundreds of DVDs and distributed nationally.
  • DVD authoring is being completed for a wedding video. The disc includes custom menus, ceremony and reception coverage, and a montage.
  • Production is continuing on “Sketches”, a short film project being created with Just DACH.
    December 2009

    Along with Just DACH, NS is providing video services for a wedding this weekend.

  • NS completed a commercial advertisement for ALIVE10. The commercial is running on the ALIVE website,
  • The ALIVE Fest is partnering with NS this upcoming summer to create promotional media and provide coverage.

    November 2009

  • Work has continued on “Ohio Sports Zone” and “Newswatch”. NS is also getting involved with production and visual effects on upcoming television shows “Pantheon” and “Straight Up”.
    October 2009

  • Stewardship videos have been completed for St. Francis Xavier and St. Hilary parishes. NS is now involved with Ohio Sports Zone with Athens Video Works, and Newswatch on WOUB-TV at Ohio University.
    August 2009

  • NS is working for the second year in a row with St. Hilary Parish in Fairlawn, OH to create their 2009 stewardship video.
  • Neighborhood Studios is working with St. Francis Xavier Parish in Medina, OH to create a stewardship video.
    July 2009

  • NS will be working with 95.5 FM and the FEST in August. Neighborhood Studios will be providing video coverage, live feeds, and other media services throughout the day.
    June 2009

  • Neighborhood Studios is spending the week at the ALIVE Fest in Canal Fulton, acting as the video crew for the official street team of the ALIVE Fest!
    May 2009

  • NS is the official videographer for the Stow Relay for Life, and will be working with Just DACH this weekend to provide video coverage and live media services.
  • The 2009 Graduation DVD for St. Joseph School in Cuyahoga Falls has been completed. NS scanned in 300 photos, and created a video/photo slideshow disc with 50 copies distributed.
  • Neighborhood Studios will be the official videographer for 95.5 FM, working with the Alive Fest 2009 during June 16-20!
  • NS will be working with the Advancement & Marketing Department of Archbishop Hoban over the summer to create promotional material for the Akron high school.
    April 2009

  • Coverage of a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society is being provided.
  • Neighborhood Studios has won “Best Film”, “Best Special Effects”, and 1st Place in the 2009 Video-FX-Universe Contest for its short films “Hard Target” and “Misconceptions”.
  • “Hard Target” is receiving its first screening this week for cast and crew. Color correction is completed, visual effects are nearly done, and music composition is in progress.
  • NS is creating the graduation video/slideshow for St. Joseph School.
    March 2009

  • NS competed a football highlight reel, and will be providing coverage for a high school play at St.Vincent – St.Mary later this week.
  • “Hard Target” has received its first press from the Stow Sentry. Read the article here!
  • PTI awarded NS 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards in the Short Film division of the Voices & Visions 2009 Show.
  • NS and Just DACH are completing production for “Hard Target” this weekend. The video is scheduled to be released at the end of March. Stay tuned for more details!
    Febuary 2009

  • The trailer is online for “Hard Target”! View it here.
  • Production started this weekend for “Hard Target”, a new internet series created by Neighborhood Studios and Just DACH.
  • NS provided video services for the American Cancer Society.
  • Neighborhood Studios is starting preproduction for a new internet video series. Filming starts mid-February. Stay tuned for more info!
    January 2009

  • NS won the Gold Key and Silver Key in the 2009 Scholastic Arts Competition for “Stop the Violence” and “24 Minutes”.
  • NS is teaming up with the American Cancer Society again this year, filming events throughout the upcoming months.
  • “Misconceptions is released as of January 7, 2009, and can be viewed here.
  • Post production and distribution is completed for OMNOVA Solutions. An employee training video was filmed and produced over the past three months for the local business.
  • Post-production is completed for “Misconceptions”, Neighborhood Studios’ latest drama. The film is scheduled to be online by mid-January.
    December 2008

  • Filming is completed for “Misconceptions”, a drama written by Marshall Dean. Post-production work is scheduled to be completed by January 2009.
  • Coverage of local bands playing at Musica was provided. NS filmed live performances and took still photographs for several of the bands.
    November 2008

  • NS finally completed effects work for its Star Wars film, The Hoban Knight. The video has been in post-production for nearly two years.
  • A music video for the band Willy Cleary’s new song “Tuesdays” has been completed. The five minute video contains footage provided by Neighborhood Studios, Think Media Studios, and TBN. Look for the film in the Video Projects page by the end of November.
  • NS completed an event video for St. Hilary Parish. The video contained coverage of their 50th Anniversary Mass and subsequent celebration.
    October 2008

  • Filming for “Misconceptions” started today. “Misconceptions” is a drama written by Marshall Dean of the Orkney Movie Group.
  • NS is completing a corporate video for OMNOVA Solutions, which includes lectures and hands-on demonstrations.
  • Neighborhood Studios completed a five month project with St. Hilary Parish. NS created an eight minute stewardship video, consisting of interviews and photographs.
  • NS has started preliminary work on its annual film festival entry. This year’s film will be “Misconceptions”, based on a script written by Marshall Dean of the Orkney Movie Group.
    September 2008

  • Post production continues for two projects for St. Hilary Parish.
  • NS began work on a music video for the rock band Willy Cleary. The video will include footage from NS, TBN, and Think Media Studios.
  • Filming is finally completed for the 2008 Mum Day Video. It screened one episode per day, ending with a projection during the Mum Day Assembly for an audience of over 1000. The film received a standing ovation.
    August 2008

  • NS was the videographer for the band “Willy Cleary”, which played at the FEST 2008 for a crowd of over 20,000.
  • NS teamed up with the Akron Police Department to film the final scene for the Mum Day Video.
  • July 2008

  • Neighborhood Studios continued work on the Mum Day Video for AHHS.
    June 2008

  • NS completed a new promotional film for AHHS, focusing on the school itself, academics, athletics, and community outreach.
  • Neighborhood Studios has been chosen to film the annual Mum Day Video for AHHS. The film is used for school spirit in the ongoing football rivalry with St. V-M.
    May 2008

  • NS was hired by the American Cancer Society to film the 2008 Stow/Hudson Relay for Life.
  • Neighborhood Studios entered into the 2008 AHFF. A short commercial and the director’s cut of “Blue Shirt Special” was shown to an audience of 150.
  • NS was mentioned for its help on the historical documentary in a magazine article.
  • Neighborhood Studios’ collaboration with The Society for the Preservation of Ohio History, “Fort Laurens” was screened at the Akron Public Library. NS contributed with editing, CGI animation, cinematography, and directing.
    April 2008

  • Filming is completed for the 2008 St. Hilary Spring Retreat.
  • Filming has been completed for “Highway Through Hell”, a modern interpretation of Dante’s Inferno.
  • Filming is completed for “Blue Shirt Special”. The finished product is scheduled to be online on April 25.
  • NS completed a promotional film for AHHS. The film will now be used at all 7th grade visitation days.
    March 2008

  • Work has begun on “Blue Shirt Special”, a docudrama with Probe Productions.
  • has awarded NS “Best Video Editor” and 1st Place in the 2008 Video-FX-Universe Film Awards. NS has also won “Best Composited Effects” & “Best Action” for ‘The Hoban Knight’, and “Best Script” & “Best Comedy” for ‘David Blain: Street Magic.
  • NS has completed editing David Blain: Street Magic I, II, III, and IV.
  • NS has been awarded 3rd place in the 2008 PTI Visions & Voices High School Show for its work on “Friend In Need, Friend Indeed”.
  • NS completed a film for the three regional Holy Cross schools in Ohio. The film depicted the work the schools do to help those in the area and around the world.
    Febuary 2008

  • Neighborhood Studios’ collaboration with The Society for the Preservation of Ohio History, “The Battle of Lake Erie” was screened at the Akron Public Library. NS contributed with editing, music selection, and CGI animation work.
    January 2008

  • “Epic Quest” and “The Good Fighters” are complete.
  • “Stop the Violence”, a Virginia Tech documentary is completed.
  • “The Hoban Knight” is nearing completion.
  • “The Battle of Lake Erie”, a documentary for the Society for the Preservation of Ohio History is completed, and will be premiered at the Akron Library theater in February.
  • Filming is completed for “David Blain: Street Magic”
    December 2007

  • Progress is made on “Epic Quest” and “The Good Fighters”, two more youth group videos for the 2008 1st Annual ALIVE Awards.
    November 2007

  • “Friend In Need, Friend Indeed”, a worldwide collaboration between Neighborhood Studios, the Orkney Movie Group, and AnimiVirtus Productions is completed.