“Misconceptions” (2008)

“Misconceptions” is the second collaboration between NS and Marshall Dean of the Orkney Movie Group.
James Chapman (Steve Haas) is scheduled for a regular checkup. However, when the operation goes wrong, James is thrust into situations out of his control. He must come to terms with his own mortality. James discovers that death is, in actuality, a great adventure and the next step in what we know as life.

“Misconceptions” is an abstract take on how society misreads death. This international collaborative effort intends to send the message that moving on is perhaps one of the most important things we can do.
This video won 1st place in the 2009 PTI Short Film category.

“Overall it was a pretty solid film. The acting was fine for a short movie like this and did the job.”
“Good amateur film all in all, a nice effort on everyone’s part. Well done.”
-SiProductions Forum
“I did think your shot choice was quite good and you mixed in some subtle dolly movements which I think worked and looked well (and smooth).”
-Kentertainment Pictures
“There are some really good camera angles, like from the other side of the dentist glass thing when he meets the patient. Overall it looked great in my opinion.”
-Video FX Universe Forum
“That was truly one of the best made vids I’ve seen so far on YouTube. Nice job!! 5 stars!!”