Gear Rental

Panasonic HMC150

This full HD video camcorder offers 60fps at 720P, and 24fps at 1080P. Comes with three long life batteries, 16GB SDHC card. $100/day, $300/week.

Letus Extreme

This 35mm adapter comes with a full support rig with Manfrotto quick release plate. Ability to attach to cameras with a 72mm lens thread or Panasonic HVX200. Comes with Nikon 28mm f2.8 and 50mm f1.8 lenses. $100/day, $300/week.

Panasonic GH13

This 4/3″ DSLR comes with a wide selection of Minolta lenses. Able to shoot 1080 24P or 720 60P. Comes with 2 batteries and 16GB SDHC card. $60/day, $200/week.

Audio-Technica AT897 Shotgun Mic

This entry-level shotgun mic does a great job of supplementing audio coverage. Comes with mic, clamp, and XLR cable. $15/day, $45/week.

Manfrotto 503HDV Tripod

This camera support holds cameras up to 17 lbs. A true fluid head, this kit comes with tripod and padded case. $20/day, $60/week.

Lowel 3 Omni Lighting Kit

Lowel’s three 500W Omni kit comes with lights, barndoors, stands, stingers, gloves, Lee filters, and C47s. $40/day, $120/week.

Glidecam 4000PRO Stabilizer Kit

This camera balancing kit supports gear 4-10 lbs. Comes with Glidecam 4000PRO, arm brace, and 7″ Lilliput monitor. $40/day, $120/week.

Revised 9/1/2011. Gear rental is limited to Ohio University campus/Northeast Ohio area. Refundable deposit required before rental. Late returns charged at a cost of 1.5X daily rental per day late.