“Friend in Need, Friend Indeed” (2007)

The story of a hitman who is contracted to kill off his best friend. Written by the Orkney Movie Group in the UK, and produced by Neighborhood Studios. This film has showcased Neighborhood Studios’ $40 Camera Dolly, and has won the 2008 Scholastic Art Contest ‘Gold Key’ and 3rd place in the 2008 PTI Visions & Voices High School Show. The short film continued to the National Scholastic Art Show in New York City.
“The good: Editing flow, shot composition (for the most part), music, sound (dialogue, mostly), blood effect.” — Kentertainment Pictures

“Most of the camera angles were just freaking great- can’t dispute that.” — Michael Barnes

“Love it, I really do. Great camera angles, great dialogue. Keep ‘em coming.” — Dave Jones

“On the whole though, a good film, nice editing.” — Chameleon Media

“I enjoyed that all the way through – that puts you way ahead of the pack. A well thought out and constructed film.” — Zaskar Films